Data-Mining Leaks Upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Details Early

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare fans with a eye for things that developer Sledgehammer Games probably want to keep secret are taking an early peek at some of the game’s upcoming downloadable content.

After some digging through Advanced Warfare’s PC files following the game’s latest title update, Reddit user “convery” has discovered a handful of new weapons and maps that are presumably arriving in Advanced Warfare’s fourth and final DLC, Reckoning, in the coming weeks or months.

Their names appear to only exist in the PC files, but convery was also able to load some of them in-game, including three new weapons, the STG44 Assault Rifle, SVO Sniper Rifle, and Blunderbuss Shotgun, along with their variants:

DLC4 weapons

There’s also a dailymotion video of the new weapons being used in a multiplayer match which you can find here.

There doesn’t appear to be any images or videos of the new maps, but according to the files, their names are Fracture, Overload, Pandemic, and Swarm. The new Exo Zombies map is called Descent and allegedly takes place in “Atlas’s underwater city.”

Though it’s pretty standard for Call of Duty DLC to offer four new maps upon every release, how Sledgehammer Games chooses to deliver the new weapons is still up in the air. Previous Advanced Warfare DLC only offered one weapon per pack, while other DLC weapons have also been offered as a free download.

Regardless, don’t take any of this as an official announcement, but we’ll likely hear news soon.

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