Dauntless Update 1.71 Patch Notes for Patch 1.8.1: Here’s What’s New

Dauntless Update 1.85

Phoenix Labs has released the Dauntless update 1.71 patch notes, which is for title update 1.8.1! This title update for October 28 includes a new Omnicell, gameplay changes, a new pass, and more! Check out everything new in the notes below.

Dauntless Update 1.71 Patch Notes | Dauntless Update 1.8.1 Patch Notes:


Forge your life force into a weapon. Use Revenant’s active ability to summon tenacious tendrils and inflict massive damage to your foes — but be careful, this consumes health which cannot be regained until Revenant’s benefits end. As a passive, Revenant grants lifesteal. Use Vengeful Hearts dropped from a Bloodshot Shrowd to craft this new omnicell.

Passive: Lifesteal +2%.
When Revenant state ends, each stack of Void Energy grants 125 health per second for 10 seconds.

Active: Drain up to 500 health to enter Revenant state and spawn a Void Orb.
For every 100 health drained, summon an Umbral Tendril that deals 700 umbral damage.
If an Umbral Tendril hits a target, it spawns an additional Void Orb upon impact.
Picking up a Void Orb grants a stack of Void Energy, which gives +4% damage and extends Revenant state by 1 second.
Revenant state lasts for 15 seconds and prevents all healing.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.


A stronger, more devious Shrowd has appeared on the Shattered Isles. The Bloodshot Shrowd not only corrupts Slayers, but steals their health to unleash its true power. Slay it on Twilight Sanctuary in the Ritual of Blood island event. Read the new Twilight Observer lore node on Twilight Sanctuary to uncover this Behemoth’s secrets…

The Bloodshot Shrowd also drops a rumour for the Shadow Scythe axe skin.

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