Dauntless Update 1.83 Return to Light Out for Patch 1.10.3 This May 26

Dauntless Update 1.92

Phoenix Labs has released Dauntless update 1.83 (PS5 version 1.000.011), or more known as the Return to Light title update patch 1.10.3! This adds a new behemote, new gear, the return of Escalations and more! Read on for the full Dauntless May 26 patch notes.

Dauntless Update 1.83 Return Patch Notes | Dauntless Update 1.000.011 Patch Notes | Dauntless Return to Light Patch Notes | Dauntless Update 1.10.3 Patch Notes | Dauntless May 26 Patch Notes:


The Alyra’s roars are almost musical, perhaps even beautiful. Each call is a note in symphony, rising in crescendo until a terrifying, deadly finale.

Alyras can create elemental glyphs that, when activated, change the Behemoth’s aetheric abilities. Blaze glyphs allow it to breathe hot flames. Frost glyphs allow it to summon freezing winds. The same is true of the entire aetheric spectrum, save umbral. If Behemoths are starting to draw power from all kinds of aether, the arrival of the Alyra could mark the next evolution of Behemoth-kind.

Hunt Alyras in the new Melodic Convergence Island Event on The Paradox Breaks and in various Escalations.

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Escalations return! Travel to a distant Avellanian research facility, built atop the ruins of an ancient temple, and help stop the Chronovore for good. Uncover the secrets hidden in this place of power to get an advantage in battle.

Radiant Escalation features new amps to improve your Slayer between rounds, including Homefield Advantage, which turns your banner into an inspiring support item, and Earthshaker, which turns your jumps into powerful attacks.

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