DayZ Sells ‘Nearly 800,000’ Early Access Digital Copies In Under a Month

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Bohemia Interactive’s standalone version of DayZ, originally based on the popular zombie survival Arma 2 mod, is enjoying some unexpected success.

On Reddit, studio head Dean “Rocket” Hall revealed that the game has sold nearly 800,000 early access digital copies in under a month.

“We (bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already, however this amount of sales was completely unexpected,” he wrote. “Honestly, 250k within a quarter was what I would have considered a success. So to move nearly 800,000 in under a month is crazy.”

He also noted that these results will have a “very positive” influence on the game’s development.

“We’ll be finalizing our roadmap in mid January, but it is safe to say that this kind of result will be having a very positive effect on that roadmap.”

Early sales results also showed signs of success when the game sold over 150,000 copies within its first 24 hours of release.

Are you one of 800,000 players currently enjoying DayZ early access?

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