DBZ Kakarot Update 1.20 June 18 Blasts Out. Here’s What’s New

DBZ Kakarot Update 1.81

The latest Dragon Ball Z Kakarot update is now available to download, which introduces various bug fixes, new ridable vehicles, and more!  Read on for the full DBZ Kakarot Update 1.20 June 18 patch notes!

DBZ Kakarot Update 1.20 June 18 patch notes:

Size: 860mb

  • Added data for Tao Pai Pai’s Pillar
  • Added a random playback feature for BGM tracks
  • Added information about available additional content to the title screen
  • Adjusted the animation for Goku’s Dragon Fist Super Attack
  • Made other adjustments

Do note that Tao Pai Pai’s Pillar will only be usable for owners of the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, although we do expect to see it be available later via a la carte.

If you’ve yet to get the game, you might want to read up on our review where we gave it an 8/10 and state:

Regardless, if you are a big fan of the series or want a perfect place to start, then Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a definite buy. Easily being able to offer over 40 hours of story content, and even more for side content, DBZ Kakarot is an exceptional welcomed title in the franchise.

If you spot any additional changes, please be sure to let us know down below so that we may add them to the patch notes above.

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james horsman
james horsman
3 years ago

I pre ordered kakarot since it was first talked about and know I have to buy the ultimate edition to thats bull shit

Reply to  james horsman
3 years ago

It’s not bullshit if you were too fucking stupid to pre-order the deluxe or ultimate edition. You talk like they just put it out. Every version was available for pre-order. It’s your fault for being too stupid to research what you want to buy before you buy it. So, shut the fuck up complaining like a fucking 12 year old brat, fucking baby.

james horsman
james horsman
3 years ago

Fuck you Wes it works fine just had to pay 99 cents bitch

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