DBZ Kakarot Update 1.81 Smashes Out This October 19

DBZ Kakarot Update 1.81

CyberConnect2 has released the (Dragon Ball Z) DBZ Kakarot update 1.81 patch this October 19, and this adds Vegito/Gotenks as playable characters! Check out more info down below.

DBZ Kakarot Update 1.81 Patch Notes:

The PS4 update history says that the patch is for “other adjustments,” though the big news here are the new playable as mentioned by Reddit user Lolman-Lmaoman. Here’s what players will see upon starting teh game:

The following sub stories have been unlocked.

Elder Kai, Vegeta, and Bulma

A Little Healthy Competition

You can start them after completing the main storyu.

Completing them will unlock Vegito and Gotenks as playable characters.

That seems to be it. We’ll be on the lookout for other gameplay-related changes, and if we spot any, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you find anything that got tweaked, let us know what they are down in the comments.

For past patch notes, check out our DBZ Kakarot hub here.

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2 years ago

Will it fix the save file corruption? I’ve had that issue a couple of times, where I get down to the last few sub story’s then the game crashes and I’m unable to save or even load a last save

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