Dead by Daylight Escalation Trailer Teases What’s Coming This Week

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Behaviour Interactive has released a new trailer for Dead by Daylight that offers a glimpse at Tome III: Escalation, which is set to launch this week! Check out the Dead by Daylight Escalation reveal trailer below.

Tome III: ESCALATION will soon be opened within The Archives, bringing new stories to discover in the world of Dead by Daylight. Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through it, the mysterious Observer grants players access to a new series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his overall role.

Tome III: ESCALATION includes the memories of:
– Kate Denson – BACK TO ZERO
– Anna (The Huntress) – A LOVELY WAR
– Dwight Fairfield – A STORY BY ANY OTHER NAME
– The Legion (Julie) – SOLDIERS OF MAYHEM

Tome III: ESCALATION is available on April 29th through The Archives.

We’re expecting a patch to be available to initiate the new content included in Dead by Daylight Escalation, and once it’s out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.