Dead by Daylight Update 1.86 Released on PS4, Here’s What It Does

dead by daylight update 1.86

While we just got the big Dead by Daylight “Chains of Hate” update earlier this week, Behaviour Interactive has released Dead by Daylight update 1.86 now on PS4! As with almost any patch out after a big content drop, this one is primarily for fixes.

Dead by Daylight update 1.86 changes:

Over on Twitter, Behaviour Interactive released what’s in Dead by Daylight update 1.86, and it’s for a fix regarding a purchasing issue. Once the patch has been applied, players can expect the missing Auric Cells once they’ve finished restarting the game client.

A fix has been deployed on PS4 regarding the purchasing issue that was affecting some players. After installing the update, the affected players will receive the missing Auric Cells upon a full restart.

And yes, that’s basically it. While there’s a chance that Behaviour Interactive included gameplay changes without documenting ’em, we doubt that’s the case now. If you do spot any gameplay-related changes, let us know down in the comments or send us an email (we’ll credit you if we use it in the post).

What other changes or bug fixes should Behaviour Interactive fix ASAP? Sound off, and let us know down below. For everything Dead by Daylight, make sure to bookmark our Dead by Daylight game hub.

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