Deathloop Update 1.401.003 Sneaks Out This September 22 (Update)

Deathloop Update 1.401.003

Arkane Studios has fired out Deathloop update 1.401.003, which is an unannounced title update. Given we just got the Goldenloop patch a few days go, don’t expect any new content outside of fixes. Read up on what’s new in the Deathloop September 22 patch notes.

Deathloop Update 1.401.003 Patch Notes | Deathloop September 22 Patch Notes:

Update: Arkane has acknowledged the patch and it’s just for the PS5.

Arkane Studios has not released the official patch notes just yet, though we’re expecting this patch to fix a few bugs brought on by the Goldenloop update.

One bug mentioned is the pause menu bug that we’re unsure whether this patch has fixed.

If you haven’t played the game in quite some time, here are the new stuff introduced in the Goldenloop patch:


– Added a new ability, Fugue Slab: Stun and confound your foes with this ability and it’s 4 upgrades

– Added a new weapon, HALPS Prototype: Use it to fry your enemies

– Added 2 new enemies: Face off against the armored Garbage Collector and the dangerous Paint Bombers

– Added an extended “Break the Loop” ending

– Added 4 upgrades to the Masquerade ability: Customize Julianna’s Masquerade Slab with new Trinkets while protecting the timeloop

– Added new Double Trinkets: Enhance yourself with 19 new two-in-one trinkets

– Added 11 new Trinkets and 4 new Weapon Perks

– Added a new explorable area to Karl’s Bay

– Added new player idle animations: Show off your mastery of weapons and slabs by doing nothing at all!

We’re on the lookout for any confirmation of bug fixes and the like, and once we know more, we’ll update the post. Hopefully, Arkane Studios releases the official patch notes soon.

Post has been updated with the proper changelog from Arkane.

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