Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.000.006 Shoots Out This January 21 (Update)

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.000.006

Ghost Ship Games has released the Deep Rock Galactic update 1.000.006 (PS4 version 1.06) this January 21! This is the second patch for the game this week (read the week’s first patch here), which continuous the developers’ excellent post-launch support for the game.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.000.006 Patch Notes | Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.06 Patch Notes:

Update: Ghost Ship has released the patch notes for today’s update!

We’ve squeezed out another hotfix for PlayStation:

– Implemented a Save backup system to the local save file that can restore your progress if your save game becomes corrupted

– Fixed an issue that prevented players from equipping the bottom row of weapon modifications if they had an overclock unlocked
– Fixed an issue that caused perk cooldown to not display properly in the HUD
– Improved the error messages of specific connection issues

– The back button shown in the class selection view during a late join is now bound to Circle correctly
– You can now refresh the Deep Dive server list by pressing Square

One Reddit user has noted that there is a charge indicator for dash availability added with today’s patch!

New PS5 patch introduces charging indicator for Dash availability from DeepRockGalactic

Ghost Ship Games has not released the official patch notes just yet, but there was a patch released on January 19 tagged as Season 1: Patch 10. Here’s the message from the devs via Discord:

Season 01: Patch 10

Hello Miners,

Deep Rock has finally invested in some pesticides and eliminated a bug where squashing a Fester Flea would sometimes cause a game crash. I guess Management was right when they warned us they are capable of clogging up costly mining equipment… Pest control, out.


– Fixed a crash related to the particle effects when squashing a Fester Flea or a Glyphid Swarmer
– Improved crash reporting

Once the devs have released the full patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you spot any gameplay-related changes or technical fixes, leave a comment below to let the other players know.

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