Rumor: Destiny 2 Second Expansion to Be Called” God of Mars,” More Details Allegedly Leaked

While we just got the first Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris, earlier this month, hardcore Destiny 2 fans are no doubt already looking forward to the Destiny 2 second expansion (or known as Destiny 2 DLC 2 for those who call ’em that).

Over on Reddit, user “GodsofMarsLeak” posted what he said were screengrabs of the Destiny 2 next expansion leak on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It supposedly will be called “God of Mars,” and be out in May 2018 (more on this release date below).

Check out the purported screengrabs below.

Here’s what the translated text is said to have mentioned:

NOTE: Frames and Nanites seem to be a part of the same faction, not 2 different races as implied. So we’re getting 1 new enemy faction to combat.

Destiny 2 Expansion II: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian out to Mar’s Clovis Grove, a brand new destination that is host to an array of brand new missions and adventures. Work alongside the elusive Ana Bray in order to prevent Charlemagne, Matrix of Corruption from amassing an army of SIVA-enhanced weaponized frames before Mars is lost.


-Explore Mars’ Clovis Grove and uncover ‘Charlemagne’s Vault’ underneath the frozen wastes

-New story missions and adventures

-New themed weapons, armor, and gear to uncover

-New cooperative activities

-New competitive multiplayer arenas

-New Frame & Nanite Enemy Faction

-And more…

Presently, the purported JP PS Store listing has been taken down along with the images.

The leaker posted what he claims are screengrabs from the US PSN Store as well, which you can read below.

Note that in this English version, it mentions the release date as available in March 2018. Here’s what the images above state, just in case they didn’t load for you

Destiny 2 Expansion II: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian on a long journey to a brand new destination – the Frigid Vale of Mars, with an array of new missions, adventures, and enemies to fight. Charlemagne has reawoken on Mars and has imprisoned Rasputin within an ancient vault. Work with the elusive Ana Bray – long thought to be dead, in order to combat Charlemagne’s Remnants, free Rasputin, and uncover the secrets of Clovis Bray.


  • Explore the Frigid Vale, a new destination that conceals the mysterious Clovis Grove and Charlemagne’s Vault beneath its surface
  • New story missions and adventures
  • New themed weapons, armor, and gear to earn
  • New cooperative activities
  • New competitive multiplayer arenas
  • New enemy faction & bosses

Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &

68GB minimum save size Online Play (Required)

In the Reddit post by GodsofMars, he mentions that both listings have been deleted but he “managed” to grab screenshots.

Sourced directly from the U.S. and Japanese PSN stores. They’ve been deleted as of now. Release date is March 2018.

[UPDATE] – The American PSN store just uploaded and deleted the English version of the page. Original Japanese version was apparently deleted due to an employee translation error. I managed to snag a screenshot, and note that there are new plot elements added to the premise. The Japanese version was possibly a preliminary upload or a placeholder, but on the bright side, the DLC is actually possibly being released in March.

Now, before anyone starts believing any of these info as the real deal, a lot of people have jumped in on Reddit and said that they highly suspect the validity of this leak given the way the Japanese was written (it seemed like it was written in English, and then translated via Google Translate).

Check out some of the Reddit posts that are calling this out as fake.

The Japanese used in this leak is literally Google translated and doesn’t read as proper written Japanese. It also doesn’t match the Japanese syntax used on any other games on PSN or in the descriptions of Destiny 2/CoO. ):

I want to believe this leak is real, and I do think “Gods of Mars” is accurate (if anyone remembers the “Comet” [Taken King], “Vex Void” and “Forge of Gods” leak), but I’m not sure if the rest of the description is.

I’m not sure whether it’s purposeful obfuscation on the leaker’s part or an issue on Bungie’s end, but I don’t know if Bungie would be THAT lazy that they used Google Translate to write the description of the DLC… Although, one could argue it’s a generic “lorem ipsum” style template because it looks like it was accidentally set as public, to begin with.

It’s the same OP for both leaks, after he got called out for the blatant Japanese fake he magically acquired screenshots from the English PlayStation store, and posted them on r/raidsecrets of all places….

You can read more about the alleged leak right here, while this Reddit thread talks about why it’s highly likely a fake.

For our part, we’ve emailed Activision to seek a statement on this and will update the post if and when we get a response. That said, don’t be surprised if this is a fake, since there’s a ton of things suspect about it so far. Stranger things have happened though, so if it’s true, well, you saw it here first.

Tag this one as a rumor for now, but even if it is, it’s fun reading for the holidays.

Do you think this is legit or just someone hungry for attention? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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