Destiny 2 Down Reports Surface as Servers Facing Issues This April 15 (Update)

Destiny 2 Down

Guardians trying to login to Destiny 2 but can’t, it’s not just you. A load of Destiny 2 down reports have surfaced this April 15, and they confirm the game’s servers just went kaput.

Destiny 2 Down Server Status and Updates for April 15:

Update: It seems the outages were more for Xbox platforms, as while the official Bungie support account didn’t make any announcements, the official Xbox Support account did confirming that servers are now all back up.

Multiple reports have surfaced on the game’s subreddit about the server outages:

Servers are kill?
by u/Dustout2142 in DestinyTheGame

by u/patiencesp in DestinyTheGame

For now, Bungie has not acknowledged the outages just yet, but we suspect that will change soon if the issues persist.

While you’re waiting for the servers to go back up, go read up on how Bungie is now going after XIM and Cronus cheaters!  Once the servers are back up, or we get new info from Bungie about today’s unscheduled downtime, we’ll be sure to update the article.

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