Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2018 Event and Rewards Revealed

destiny 2 festival of the lost

It’s that time of the year again, Destiny fans! Bungie is once again holding a Halloween event for all players to partake in! Called the Festival of the Lost, participants will be able to engage in events, earn rewards and more. Want the full Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2018 event details? You’ve come to the right place.

First off, the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2018 event starts Tuesday, October 16, and will end on Tuesday, November 6 at 10 a.m. PT. Same as before, the entire base of operations (Tower) will be filled with decorations. Bungie mentions “New Triumphs” will be available to earn, and daily bounties will award Fragmented Souls, which can be used to buy Festival of the Lost masks, as well as the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle!

Aside from cosmetic stuff and the new rifle, players will be able to enter the Haunted Forest, wherein they must clear the place of demons and ghouls. You can either jump in solo, with a fireteam or matchmake with others to clean the place out, but you better hurry as you’ll only have 15 minutes to do it.

What’s more a new quest line will become available too! Master Ives has been struck down, and you must avenge him! According to Bungie, an “additional powerful rewards” will be obtainable each week! The new quest line begins on Tuesday, October 30.

Lastly, there’s a special treat for everyone as well!

Treats for All

Alongside the Festival of the Lost rewards from Amanda Holliday and the Festival of the Lost Triumphs, players will earn an Ephemeral Engram every time they fill their XP bar after achieving the max character level. Players will receive this engram in addition to the Steadfast Engram, which effectively awards players double Bright Engrams for the duration of Festival of the Lost. Players may also purchase Ephemeral Engrams from Tess Everis in the Tower, if they so choose.
Once the event is live, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.
Source: Bungie
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