Destiny 2 – First Gameplay Footage And Details Revealed

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Today was a very big day for Bungie and Destiny fans alike, as the Seattle-based developer has finally lifted the lid during their most recent livestream that was all about Destiny 2.

The livestream started off with a pretty big bang as Bungie wasted no time letting their fanbase take a peak as what’s to come this September as they’ve revealed the first gameplay video for their upcoming title. In which you can view above.

In addition to revealing the first ever gameplay footage of Destiny which included a glimpse of the first mission of the game titled “Homecoming”. Bungie also gave the Destiny playerbase much to look forward to once the game releases later this year. As they’ve showcased quite a few new features in the game like new sub-classes which include a bo staff wielding Hunter, integrated clan support, first look at the four new planets and more.

Check out the videos below to get yourself up to speed on what Bungie has revealed during the livestream:

Destiny 2 is expected to release September 8th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, with the PC platform getting the hands at the game in a later date.