Destiny 2: Forsaken Info Leak Details New Strikes, Story Details and More

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Just last week, Reddit user Ginsor posted a wealth of information regarding Destiny 2: Forsaken. Well, as it turns out, the leaker was right on the money (for the most part). In today’s Bungie blog update, the Destiny 2 Forsaken info leak was confirmed, and we’ve got the summary right here.

Thanks to ResetEra user Strakt. the confirmed new stuff can be read below. Word of warning, though, there are spoilers within.

  1. RAID

    • The new raid is called “Last Wish” and will have a normal and prestige mode.
    • The raid boss is called Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return (not 100% sure about that).
    • There will be something like a one-time challenge to finish the new raid within 24h after its launch.

    NEW STRIKES (edited)

    • The 4 new strikes are called: “Warden of Nothing”, “The Hollowed Lair”, “The Corrupted”, & “Broodhold”.
    • All 4 will – as always – also be available as nightfall versions.
    • The nightfall versios will have special challenges such as not receiving any arc damage in the final encounter.


    • Gambit will have a ranking system called “Infamy”.
    • Similar to Crucible, you will unlock gear and ornaments while increasing your rank.
    • Infamy can be resetted.
    • The highest Infamy Rank seems to be level 15.
    • Hawthrone will have a new clan engram for Gambit.


    • Weekly clan milestones let you receive a masterwork core.
    • There is a chance of obtaining a masterwork core with a Boss kill.
    • Masterwork cores can be purchased (I don’t know where and for which currency).


    • There will be a dungeon called “The Shattered Throne”.
    • Multiple activities will take place in this dungeon.
    • At some other part of the game we will receive an unpurified version of an armor set called “Reverie Dawn”, which we can purify through different activities in “The Shattered Throne”.


    • Petra Venj returns as a new NPC (probably at the Reef).
    • Petra Venj offers special bounties with certain goals such as completing all of them within one week.


    • A stronger focus on clan activities.
    • Examples would be milestones/goals such as completing raids, strikes, nightfalls, crucible matches, escalation protocols,etc. together.
    • Some of them require even a full 6-player clan-fireteam such as the completion of “Last Wish”.
    • Playing with clanmates can grant special buffs in certain activities, e.g. increased recovery/resilience/mobility.


    • There is a mission where we will have to reclaim Ace of Spades back from Uldren.
    • Once reclaimed, it will first be a broken version and we have repair it through a longer quest series with several steps in multiple activities.


    • We will have to hunt down escpaees of the Prison of Elders in multiple activities.
    • E.g. Finding escapees in the patrol zones of other planets, in lost sectors, at public events, etc.


    • Collections will also include Destiny 1 achievements (console players only obviously).
    • Examples are completion of campaigns and raids, character transfer to Destiny 2, Reaching the Lighthouse, triumphs, certain Grimoire score, collection of specific weapons such as Thorn, the Last Word, and Gjallarhorn, etc.


    • New ghost shapes (pyramid/triangle-like shape; something looking similar to an override frequency; fallen-themed)
    • Taken-themed sparrow

    This last part – probably the most interesting for most of you – is a very rough summary and I’m also not 100% certain here. But the following is what I got from the story.

    • Uldren thinks his sister, Queen Mara, is still alive.
    • He thinks she is trapped by the Techeun Illyn in the Dreaming City.
    • In order to save her she is telling him in his “visions” to open the gates to the Dreaming City.
    • He somehow allies with the prisoners in the Prison of Elders in order to achieve his goal.
    • While trying to regain control of the prison alongside with Petra Venj, Cayde-6 dies.
    • After Uldren succeded to open the gate to the Dreaming City, he immidiately gets killed by a creature, but the gate remains open.
    • It is now Petra Venj’s duty to protect the city, in which all Awoken secrets and treasures are kept (and we will help her with that).


    Yep, that’s a lot of stuff alright. If you’re going to gamescom, don’t forget that the hybrid mode Gambit will be playable on the show floor. Destiny 2: Forsaken will launch this September 4.