Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returning This Coming Week, Bungie Raises $1M in Bushfire Relief Funds

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Those looking forward to PvP action and unique rewards in Destiny 2, rejoice! Bungie has announced the Destiny 2 Iron Banner return date, and it’s on March 24!

This was announced by Bungie in its weekly Destiny 2 round up post, where it also shared that the Point of the Stag bow will be part of the reward for completing the “Smelting Light” quest. Players will be tasked to capture zones and defeat opponents with a collection of weapons with the reward being the bow.

Bungie also states that Iron Remembrance armor sets are making a return, and upped to Armor 2.0 standards even. Iron Banner armor pieces have chances for higher stat rolls from bounties, vendor packages and post-game drops. The Destiny 2 Iron Banner return date is on March 24 (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. PDT and will run until March 31, 10 a.m. PDT.

In addition to that, Bungie has also shared some of the steps the studio is taking to help out in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a company located in the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak here in Washington State, we believe it is important to help our local community through this crisis. Bungie is grateful to partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue (BGCB), which is doing life-saving work for our local families. While all local schools remain closed through the end of April, the BGCB is committed to keeping as many of their facilities open as possible to care for children, so that parents who must continue to go work are able to do so. In addition, they are feeding and providing necessary supplies for families in crisis. 
Bungie is providing a $160,000 grant that will enable the BGCB to operate four sites across the Bellevue region through the end of April in order to care for our community’s most vulnerable low-income and homeless families. This care will allow more families to continue earning income and paying their rent, while keeping their families fed and healthy, and will help to minimize long-term repercussions from this crisis. 
The studio even outlined a set of tips on how we can help each other during this unprecedented world event.
  • Support your local small businesses. As an example, if your gym is closed, please consider retaining your membership so that they can afford to re-open their doors.
  • Support family-owned restaurants by ordering take-out or. Search for local fundraisers like GoFundMe that are providing financial support to restaurant workers, artists, performers, and more that are without work during the shutdowns.
  • Support your nonprofits. Many major fundraising activities have been cancelled or postponed. If you plan to donate to any organization this year, please consider doing it now rather than later. Many organizations depend on those fundraisers and are in a really tight spot without those funds.
  • Support families in your community. Make a donation to your local food bank, United Way, or Boys & Girls Club. These organizations are able to leverage every dollar to deliver critical support to families in need.
  • Donate blood. Since the outbreak, there has been a drastic drop in blood donations nationwide (approximately 86,000 fewer than is normal in this time period), at a time when our hospitals are at or nearing capacity. If you are healthy and showing no signs of fever or other symptoms, please contact your local Red Cross or other local agencies to make a donation.

In addition to that, the Bungie Foundation has managed to raise $1 million USD via its Guardians for Australia t-shirt campaign to help out the Australia bushfire relief fund. Since launching this January 14, Bungie says that over 75,000 shirts were sold and are now on their way to the Guardians who supported the cause.

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