Destiny 2 Next Update Out Next Week, Here’s a Preview

Destiny 2 Next Update

While Bungie was originally set to roll out a title update to Destiny 2 this week, the studio decided to delay that for unknown reasons. In the latest weekly update for the game, Bungie announced that the Destiny 2 next update is now set to drop next week!

While no specific date was revealed as to when the patch will drop, chances are, it’ll be released on Tuesday (September 13), or September 15 (Thursday), which are the usual patch deployment days for the game. Curious what’ll be in it? Check out a small list of the confirmed fixes incoming.

Destiny 2 Next Update Preview:

Next week, Hotfix will be released to the world. Below is a list of some of the issues that will be resolved with this Hotfix:   
  • Viewing the Vallhund Exotic ornament in the Eververse menu will no longer incorrectly tell players who own The Sixth Coyote that they do not own the Exotic armor piece. 
  • The Charged Melee keybinding no longer functions inconsistently with the Titan Thunderclap melee when in close range of enemies.   
  • Stormtrance now correctly increases its damage over time when attacking. 

Bungie has also released the list of known issues plaguing players. Bear in mind that just because it’s not part of the list, that doesn’t mean the studio isn’t aware of the issue or working on it.


We are investigating reports of players unable to access Destiny 2 on PS4. 
  • Sometimes players can spawn outside of the room when fighting the Warpriest. 
  • The Rift Lost Sector is missing Triumphs and incorrectly lists shields present. 
  • The Robes of Nezarec loses its Resonance effect when an ornament is applied to Nezarec’s Sin. 
  • The Arms of Optimacy ornament has misplaced geometry around it. 
  • The Dawn Chorus Exotic doesn’t appear in Collections. 
  • The Expedition activity doesn’t show any stats in the activity summary. 
  • The Xenology Exotic quest isn’t counting progress in playlist activities. 
  • Repeatable Star Chart bounties can continue to be purchased when players have a full quest inventory. 
Same as always, once the title update next week is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.
Source: Bungie
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