Destiny 2 Raid Beaten by Clan of Deaf Gamers

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By now, there must be dozens (if not hundreds) of people who’ve managed to beat Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid, but do you know a team of people with a severe disadvantage doing it? That’s what the DestinyErrorAlwausFamous (DEAF) clan has just done given they’re all deaf.

Over on Reddit, it was explained that the small clan managed to beat Calus by “Glide.

Imagine trying to beat Calus, but not being able to tell people which sign is on his forehead. How do you get around that? Well, the answer is using Glide and quickly putting in a message saying which sign is there. The home guy responsible for punching bubbles would have to pay close attention to the texting of any A (Axe), S (Sun), D (Dog), and C (Chalice) from the away team. If the home guy sees A, D, and C, he would punch S bubble and has to stay alive for next round of texting. Can you imagine doing Calus like that? I sure can’t, but these guys are owning it.

So, fellow guardians, let’s all raise our salt shakers to a truly hardcore group of deaf guardians who are not letting their lack of hearing keep them from enjoying all of the content that Destiny has to offer. CanHazChzbrger and your deaf clan, you truly are an inspiration!

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a video of the group completing it for now, but once they upload a video, we’ll update the post to showcase this amazing achievement. 

This is truly a heartwarming tale of how like-minded people can accomplish almost anything f they put their minds to it. From the people here on MP1st, we salute you, Guardians!