Destiny 2 Season 11 World Pool Revealed by Bungie

destiny 2 season 11 world pool

With Bungie promising changes to how Destiny 2’s Seasons behave, the studio has shared more details on more changes coming to the looter shooter soon. In the latest community update post from the studio, it talked about the Destiny 2 Season 11 world pool of weapons.

Because the world pool serves what Bungie calls the “baseline: of legendary gear that can be earned across different activities,, the studio wants to update and refresh it seasonally with more relevant weapons.

This shared pool can also be unwieldy — if you’re looking for a specific roll of a specific weapon, a pool too large can make it statistically challenging to find, much less with the roll you want. Starting in Season 11, it will be curated both for relevance and overall size, to strike a balance between number of rewards and the chance to get a sought-after drop. Every season gear from previous seasons will be added, and any gear that would no longer have a Max Power Level greater than or equal to the current Season cap will be cycled out to ensure that drops are Power relevant in the current Season. 
The World Pool for Season 11 will consist of the following weapons:
  • Uriel’s Gift
  • Elatha FR4
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Mos Epoch III
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Last Hope
  • Timelines’ Vertex
  • Interference VI
  • Dire Promise
  • True Prophecy
  • Jian 7 Rifle
  • Enigma’s Draw
  • Distant Tumulus
  • Escape Velocity
  • Honor’s Edge
  • Gnawing Hunger
  • Arsenic Bite-4b
  • Main Ingredient
  • Outrageous Fortune
  • Truthteller
  • Nature of the Beast
  • Last Perdition
  • Bad Omens
  • Night Watch
  • Toil and Trouble
  • Wishbringer
  • Last Dance
  • Lonesome
  • Long Shadow
  • Steel Sybil Z-14
In addition to the Destiny 2 Season 11 world pool reveal, Bungie announced perk tuning on weapons as coming this week!
Reload Perk Updates 
We’ve observed that players lean towards picking perks that increase their damage (e.g. Kill Clip) or reduce weapon downtime (e.g. Outlaw).
The damage perks were adjusted quite a while back, but reload perks still don’t feel like choices. This tuning pass aims to keep them feeling powerful without being so dominant that no other choices seem viable.
First, some information on the stats that impact reload:
  • Reload Stat: 0-100, and maps onto an archetype-specific reload animation speed.
  • Reload Duration Scale: Most reload perks also apply a small multiplier to the reload animation, so that if reload stat is capped, you still see a small speed bump.
  • Reload Empty Duration Scale: As above, but only applies if the magazine is empty.
Note that because most weapons have fairly high reload stats, decreasing a reload stat bonus from +100 to +50 will still max out the reload stat most of the time, and so doesn’t slow down the actual reload as much as it seems.
The following perks that alter these reload stats are being updated:
  • Outlaw – Slowed this down a little bit.
      • Reload stat from +100 to +50.
      • Reload Duration Scale from 0.8 to 0.9.
  • Feeding Frenzy – This was strictly better than Outlaw, so we’re changing functionality to be based on number of rapid kills.
      • Functionality changed to increase reload speed based on number of rapid kills, up to 5.
      • With 2 kills, reload speed is equal to updated Outlaw.
      • With 3+ kills, is faster than Outlaw.
      • With 4+ kills, is the fastest reload in the game (except Alloy Mag).
      • Max possible reload duration scale from 0.83 to 0.8.
      • Max possible reload stat unchanged at +100.
  • Rapid Hit – Gave a huge amount of reload and stability for very little work, front-loaded onto the first precision hit. We have updated it so that it still feels good, but isn’t quite as powerful.
      • Adjusted stacking bonus to give less benefit for the first hit and more with subsequent hits.
      • Max possible reload stat from +100 to +60.
      • Max possible reload duration scale from 0.8 to 0.925.
      • Max possible stability stat from +50 to +25.
  • Drop Mag – Situationally really powerful without a massive drawback, as good as a perk, but in a magazine column.
      • Reload duration scale from 0.85 to 0.9 (just brings it in line with Outlaw).
  • Field Prep – Unchanged, but for reference:
      • Reload stat +50.
      • Reload duration scale 0.8.
  • Alloy Mag – Unchanged, but for reference:
      • Reload empty duration scale 0.6666.
Additionally, we’re fixing an issue where perks that grant partial weapon ammo did not respect shot count for burst weapons. This means that these perks will now work correctly on Pulse Rifles, Fusion Rifles, and Burst Sidearms, so these perks will be more common on those weapon archetypes in the future:
  • Slideways
  • Slideshot
  • Ambitious Assassin
  • Subsistence
  • Overflow
  • Lead from Gold
  • Clown Cartridge
General Perk Retuning 
With opening up space by adjusting reload perks, we also retuned some other, underused perks, based on our internal testing and perk popularity and effectiveness data from our internal analytics.
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction — Adds 10 Stability over time in addition to accuracy (this is way more powerful than it sounds).
      • Reduced reticle movement from Stability should now tell players this is working.
  • Pulse Monitor — Take critical damage and you can quickly switch to your now-fully loaded Shotgun!
      • Reload amount from 0.35 to 1.0.
      • +50 Handling.
      • 5% faster swap speed.
      • This works on stowed weapons too, which was already the case but makes it a lot more useful.
  • Hipfire Grip — Now helps you hit shots closer to ADS ranges, still doesn’t affect damage dropoff or magnetism.
      • 1.2x aim assist falloff.
      • +15 aim assist.
      • +1.7 degrees precision hip fire angle threshold.
          • By default, when hip-firing a weapon, the center of your reticle must be over a target in order to get a crit, otherwise aim assist will give you a body shot. This change gives you a little leniency, so if the center of your reticle is not directly over a target you will still get the crit if you’re within this angle.
          • Has no effect on Sniper Rifles.
  • Sneak Bow — Actually makes you sneaky now. Stealth buff!
      • Now doesn’t ping radar when shooting.
There’s also new Perks coming in the upcoming unnamed new Season. Once the hotfix or patch is live tomorrow, assuming we get one for the weapin tuning changes, we’ll let our readers know.
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