Destiny 2 Secret Map Hidden in Limited Edition Version of the Game

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Destiny 2 secret map has been discovered by Reddit user “Snow-Spyder.” It’s found within the limited edition version of the game, which comes with an expansion pass, a steelbook case, and a Cabal-themed collector’s box. 

Combine the included map with an ultraviolet light and you’ll be able to see a whole new map layout. 

You can see the hidden map below, which appears to point toward the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, and the order in which you complete it. 

Obviously, we now know what the Raid involves, but this secret map was available from launch, when the Raid contents hadn’t even been confirmed. The big mystery was hiding in plain sight!

Pretty cool Destiny 2 secret map, right?

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Source: Reddit via GameWatcher