Destiny 2 Upcoming Update Out Next Week, Here’s a Preview

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Bungie will release the Destiny 2 upcoming update patch next week, and this one is for a bunch of changes and fixes to the game! Check out a small patch preview of what will be included in this update below.

Destiny 2 Upcoming Update Patch Preview:

  • Axion Bolt base cooldown increased from 91s to 152s.
  • Titan Barricade’s base cooldown when the Bastion Void Aspect is equipped is now 82s, up from 53s.
      • This matches the recharge rate of Warlock Rift.
  • Offensive Bulwark now provides 60% less bonus grenade energy regeneration in PvP game modes.
  • Whisper of Chains now provides 15% bonus damage resistance against players when near a Stasis crystal, down from 25%.
      • Unchanged vs. PvE targets.
  • Renewal Grasps
      • While equipped, Renewal Grasps increases the base cooldown of the Duskfield Grenade from 62s to 152s.
      • The outgoing damage penalty applied to player victims in the Renewal Grasps’ Duskfield Grenade reduced from 50% to 20%.
          • Damage unchanged vs. PvE targets.
Below is a list of some issues that are scheduled to be resolved with Hotfix
  • The Summoner Auto Rifle from Saint-14’s reputation rewards is missing a Masterwork slot.
  • The Lightblade and the Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster Nightfalls did not count towards the completion of the Total Conquest Triumph.
  • In Gambit, the Primeval’s shield sometimes did not successfully drop after defeating the Envoys.

Stay tuned here at MP1st for the full patch notes once the update comes out this Tuesday, April 26!

Source: Bungie

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