Destiny 2 Weekly Reset August 18, 2020

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It’s another week, and that means Guardians have new quests to complete! MP1st is back with our Destiny 2 weekly reset August 18 post! Once again, you’ll be able to check out the new Nightfall, modifiers and more in one handy list below.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset August 18, 2020:

Via Discord:

Weekly Rotations:
Dreaming City
Curse Week 3 | Aphelion’s Rest
Nightmare Hunts
Despair | Fear | Rage
Leviathan Order
:Dog: :Baths: :Gauntlet: :ThroneChallenge:
Crucible Playlists
Clash | Lockdown
Altar | EP Rewards
:Shotgun: | :Shotgun: :SubmachineGun: :Sniper:
Raid Challenges
Which Witch | Hold the Line | Limited Blessings | A Link to the Chain

:NightFallOrdeal: Ordeal – The Festering Core :Exotic: Impact Velocity – Exodus Crash :Legendary: Duty Bound – Savathûn’s Song :Legendary: Warden’s Law – Warden of Nothing<

This one is via Warframe.Today:

  • Flashpoint: Nessus
  • Nightfalls: Warden of Nothing, Exodus Crash, Savathun’s Song
  • Crucible Featured: Lockdown
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal – The Festering Core
  • Ordeal (Adept): Empath
  • Ordeal (Hero): Champions Unstoppable, Champions Barrier, Champions Hive, Extra Shields, Nokri’s Refrain (Incoming Solar and environmental damage increased).
  • Ordeal (Legend): All Previous Modifiers. Equipment Locked, Match Game, and Extra Shields.
  • Ordeal (Master): All previous Modifiers. Famine, Master Modifiers (Mob & Match Game & Extra Shields & No Saved Checkpoints), Champions Mob (This mode contains additional Champions).
  • Ascendant Location: Guide
  • Reckoning Modifiers: Here
  • Heroic Menagerie Modifiers: Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus. Modifiers: Iron, Blackout, Void Singe.
  • Escalation Protocol: Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol. Drops all 3 Ikelos Weapons.

Don’t forget to tune in this Friday for our weekly Xur post, as well as the latest Trials of Osiris rewards.