Destiny 2 Weekly Reset October 29, 2019 Edition

destiny 2 weekly reset

Destiny 2 players, while the Festival of the Lost is happening again this year, there’s also another set of challenges you need to partake in, and that’s the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset!

Here’s the important stuff for the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset October 29 list:


  • Activities outside of Forest / 25 Coins collected
  • 300 Candy Collected


  • Tombstone Emote: 1000 silver
  • Witch Broom Sparrow: 800 Silver
  • Jack-o-lantern Shell: 600 Silver
    • Public Defender
    • Treasure Hunter
  • Ray Narvaez Jr Emote┬áParting Emote: 700 Bright Dust
  • The same FOTL shader as last year (Dark Fluorescense): 40 Dust
  • Original FOTL shader (Skele-Ghaul): 40 Dust




Garden World

  • Overload
  • Barrier
  • Match Game (Legend 950)
  • Famine (980 Master

Weekly Singe


Reckoning is Solar

Rotation Nightfalls

  • Inverted Spire
  • Savathun’s Song (Duty Bound Auto Rifle)
  • Warden of Nothing (Warden’s Law HC)

Warner Bounties

  • 240,000exp
  • 10 Vanguard DAILIES
    • additionally bought don’t count
  • 200 SMG/Shotgun/Sidearm/Sword kiklls
  • 5 Legendary Engrams Looted
    • Vex offensive legendaries count for this

Don’t forget, there’s a new patch out today as well, and it’s a big one. Here’s the full patch notes. For the Festival of the Lost content, head on over here.

Thanks, TylerFortierPhoto!

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