Destiny 2 Xur Today – Location and Items for August 9, 2019

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It’s Friday, and that means Xur is back to peddle his wares in Destiny 2! In Destiny 2 Xur today, the hooded figure is in Nessus next to the Barge.

Check out the Destiny 2 Xur items for sale this August 9, 2019 below.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine


A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the Nine.


Nessus, next to the Barge.

Exotic Gear:

NameTypeArmor PerkPerk 1Perk 2Cost
The ColonyHeavy Grenade Launcher29 Legendary Shards
ACD/0 Feedback FenceTitan GauntletsPlasteel Reinforcement Mod – Restorative ModPulse Rifle Loader – Sidearm Loader – Momentum TransferSniper Rifle Scavenger – Machine Gun Scavenger23 Legendary Shards
Shards of GalanorHunter GauntletsMobility Enhancement Mod – Plasteel Reinforcement ModBow Reloader – Enhanced Impact Induction – Enhanced Hand Cannon LoaderRocket Launcher Scavenger – Sniper Rifle Scavenger23 Legendary Shards
Chromatic FireWarlock Chest ArmorMobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative ModUnflinching Fusion Rifle Aim – Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim – Unflinching Sniper AimBow Reserves – Special Ammo Finder23 Legendary Shards


Five of SwordsChallenge Card


The WorldInvitation of the Nine9 Legendary Shards