Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below – Watch A Full Playthrough Of The Undying Mind Strike

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If slightly spoilerific material is of no concern to you, anxious Guardians might want to check out brand new gameplay of the new three-player Strike, The Undying Mind, coming first to PlayStation with the launch of Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC on December 9.

Captured during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, Destiny YouTube personalities DattoDoesDestiny and MoreConsole are now sharing their full play-throughs of the entire Strike from start to finish. You can watch both perspectives below, including footage of some of the new weapons and armor also offered in the quickly-approaching DLC.

Xbox users might definitely want to take a look, as the mission you’ll see below won’t be available on either Xbox One or Xbox 360 until Fall of next year.

The Dark Below also launches with another full Strike for all players to enjoy, as well as new Story Missions, a new Raid, new Crucible maps, new gear, and a new Light Level cap increase to 32, among other things.

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