Destiny is the “Same Game” On Current and Next Gen Consoles, Says Bungie Producer

Despite the ambitious open-world project that Bungie’s shared-world shooter Destiny appears to be, the studio remains hopeful that players will be as pleasantly surprised with the less powerful previous generation version of the game as they are with its launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

There’s little doubt that Destiny will look drastically different on next-gen than it will on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Bungie producer Pete Parsons promises it’s the same game regardless of platform choice. They key lies in the studio’s “ambitious technologies” hosted on their server infrastructure.

Hopefully players will be pleasantly surprised by how appealing it is on [last generation hardware]”, Parsons recently told Game Master. “It’s the same game, that was hugely important to us. Part of some of the really big, ambitious technologies set up for this… all of this lives on one set of servers. There’s one world that we’re building, and that is extended out to multiple platforms.”

He went on to describe some of the advantages the studio is taking with next-gen hardware, specifically with the PlayStation 4’s lightbar on the DualShock 4 controller.

“We’re taking advantage of the cool things Sony’s doing with the [PS4] platform. The Share feature’s great – I love that thing,” Parsons added. “We’re also doing some cool lightbar stuff that’s extremely subtle. If you didn’t look for it you wouldn’t see it: when your health’s low it’s pulsing red, when your super’s ready it’s flashing yellow, when you go into Hive areas it’s pale green. A lot of people aren’t going to notice it but it makes the experience richer, and when the fans notice that stuff we love it.”

On what console are you picking up Destiny when it launches this September 9?

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