Destiny – New EV-30 DLC Sparrow Lets Guardians Perform Aerial Tricks And Stunts In Game

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Bungie is giving Guardians of the Last City on Earth the opportunity to let loose and have a bit of fun with a new bit of Destiny DLC exclusive to Destiny Expansion Pass holders or available in the game’s upcoming The Dark Below expansion.

If you happen to be an owner of the pass now or get it any time before January 15, you’ll find a little gift waiting for you upon your next visit to the Postmaster vendor in The Tower: The EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow.

The fancy blue bike with flame decals ain’t no ordinary Sparrow, however. As you’ll see in the trailer above, it allows you to get your ‘X Game’ on by performing some pretty rad motocross tricks.

Here’s how it works. Pressing Right Trigger on the Xbox controller or R2 on the PlayStation controller after catching some air puts your Sparrow in “Trick Mode”, allowing you to flip or roll it around and even perform wicked stunts mapped to the d-pad:

  • Up – No Hands
  • Right – Can-Can
  • Down – Superman
  • Left – Can-Can

If you’re undecided on the Expansion Pass, you’ll still get the Sparrow should you decide to pick up Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC separately this December 9.

What’s your take on Destiny’s latest offering? Cool or gimmicky?