PSA – Destiny Players Experiencing Vault of Glass Raid Loot & Completion Bug

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If you’ve been grinding and farming away on Earth or other locations in the explorable solar system to build your ranks and access the Vault of Glass raid that launched last week, you may be in for a bad time.

Users who’ve recently completed the raid have posted concerns on the Bungie forums that they are experiencing a lack of post-raid loot and are even stating that the game isn’t telling them that they cleared the raid, even though they’ve received achievements/trophies showing that they did. To add salt to the wound, it seems like going into orbit and then coming back to the raid restarts it.

While Bungie has yet to acknowledge the very prevalent problem, it should be noted that players who’ve played the raid before have received their rewards, so it’s advised that you take on the raid at your own risk, even though loot may not be guaranteed at the moment.

Keep your sights on MP1st and we’ll keep you updated!

Thanks, Poolshark