Destiny – Trials Of Osiris Returns End Of October, Bungie Plans More Improvements For November Update

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That’s right. Trials of Osiris, Destiny’s major end-game PvP content that comes around once every week, is *actually* coming back this October 30 after a bit of a delay caused by a nasty game-breaking bug last time.

The first Iron Banner of Year Two concluded last week, and although Bungie has yet to announce when it will return, the studio has outlined a few ways it will improve next time around. For one, a bug that “affected how Legendary drops happen throughout the Crucible, including Iron Banner,” will be squashed, Design Lead Lars Bakken explained in the latest Weekly Update.

“We’re working hard to ensure that the next Iron Banner will work as intended, and be even better than before,” he added. “These changes will make your entire Crucible career more rewarding. Once the final details are locked, we’ll be sure to share them with you.”

These changes and more will arrive in Update 2.0.2, which Bungie says will deploy before American Thanksgiving (November 26), if all goes well.

Up next for Guardians is the launch of King’s Fall Hard Mode Raid, which just went live as of 10AM PST this morning. The latest Weekly Update did little to reveal what’s in store, Lead Designer Gavin Irby says Hard Mode will upset the rhythm you settled on in Normal Mode and is “going to give you one more plate to spin, and make you think on your feet.”