Destiny’s Interceptor Vehicle Is Getting a “Nerf” In The Final Game, Here Are the Details

Those raising arms over the all too effective Interceptor, a powerful vehicle currently available on the First Light Crucible map in the Destiny Beta, will be happy to know it will be receiving a few appropriate tweaks for the final build of the game.

Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of the Interceptor’s firepower is likely well aware of it’s overwhelming killing ability. Bungie has heard your pleas and has noted a few of the changes the studio will be making between now and launch. Here’s what designer Derek Carroll had to say in the latest Bungie Weekly Update:

“The Interceptor is a tank and should be treated with respect, but the Sandbox team made some tweaks to reduce the ‘apocalyptic firestorm’ factor a bit. The largest change is a lower rate of fire, with an additional delay between shots. This encourages the pilot to take aimed shots instead of just spamming rockets. More subtle changes include reducing the rocket blast radius, and shrinking the “arming shape” that allows the rockets to airburst on flying targets.

“Even with these changes, we felt that having two of them on First Light is less interesting than having a single Interceptor for both teams to fight over. At the start of each match, each team is given a single Pike, with another neutral Pike up for grabs. Additional Pikes will respawn throughout the match near the Control Zones. The Interceptor will spawn on a delay.”

What are your thoughts on Destiny’s vehicle gameplay so far? Considering all elements like the Sparrow, Pike, Interceptor, and Stationary Turrets, do you feel it’s fairly balanced overall, or does it need revisiting?

Read about tomorrow’s special public event were Bungie will be sending players to the moon.

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