Destiny’s Iron Banner Gets Upgraded With More Rewards & New Game Mode, Returns Next Week

Next week, Destiny‘s most powerful Guardians will meet head-to-head in the Iron Banner once again, but this time with a slight change of setting.

Having traditionally featured the three-flag Control game mode, next week’s Iron Banner will test your strength in Clash, turning the competition into a straight-up team deathmatch.

In Bungie’s latest Weekly Update, Senior Designer Derek Carroll says he expects “to see a bit less Super ability usage, and a lot more shooting across the board, but good teams will work together and hold territory even without the scoring incentives that Control provided.”

There’s more, too. Here are a few other tweaks the team is making to Iron Banner, which will also take effect next week:

  • Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20%
  • Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank 2 and above
  • Packages from Lord Saladin upon reaching Rank 3 and Rank 5
  • Iron Banner Artifacts can be obtained from the Rank 3 package
  • Iron Banner Ghost Shells can be obtained from the Rank 5 package or activity completion rewards

Before all that, Destiny’s November update will also drop, introducing some of the new economy changes that were outlined last week, ending the weapon part drought of 2015. In addition, it’s said that Lord Shaxx will sell all three Legendary Swords to any Guardian who’s finished the “Blademaster” quest for the Exotic Sword. There’s also word of a new Refer-a-Friend program that Bungie says will reward Guardians helping other newer Guardians joining in on the quest to ‘become legend’ this holiday season. More details on that are to come, however.

Looking forward to Iron Banner next week? Do you think the new changes are enough to spice things up and add more excitement? Tell us in the comments.

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