Detailed list of MW3 Deathstreaks – Stopping Power and Final Stand Come Back

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Thought stopping power, final stand, and martyrdom were gone? Not quite. They do return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but in the form of deathstreaks. Deathstreaks, especially ones like ‘painkiller’, were a controversial topic in Modern Warfare 2.

Robert Bowling mentioned that with the next installment in CoD series, Infinity Ward paid particular attention to listening to fan feedback. Bowling specifically said that stopping power and final stand were indeed left behind as perks, something fans really wanted to see disappear. But perhaps, Infinity Ward couldn’t quite let go of them completely. Below is a list of the deathstreaks included in Modern Warfare 3.


MW3 Deathstreaks:

Juiced: 4 deaths – move faster for a few seconds after spawning.

Revenge: 5 deaths – see position of last enemy that killed you on your mini-map.

Final Stand: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 32, most likely similar to last stand but with a primary weapon.

Martyrdom: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 51, drop a live grenade after dying.

Dead Man’s Hand: 6 deaths – unlocks at lvl 57, fall into last stand after dying with C4 equipped in your hand.

Hollow Points: 5 deaths – unlocks at lvl 71, bullets cause more damage for one kill (stopping power).


If you are an avid multiplayer gamer who reads MP1st, hopefully, you won’t ever need these MW3 Deathstreaks!

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