Dev Talks Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer, Permadeath, Secret Easter Egg, and More

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.23

Ubisoft has recently held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where Ubisoft Toronto fielded questions about the game. In it, the studio talked about Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer, permadeath and more.

When asked about how permadeath will function in the multiplayer, Hocking replied by stating the option is not part of the online mode. He finished off by saying that they will be talking about Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer soon.

Permadeath is an option in the main game, however it’s not part of Multiplayer because we found very early that there was too much potential for griefing and randomness that didn’t add to the fun of the game. We’ll talk more about MP soon.

Difficulty and Permadeath are separate options. You can play in Easy Normal or Hard, and you can play with Permadeath on or off in any difficulty.

Breaking permadeath a bit more, it was also confirmed that players can almost play the same character throughout the entire game. The exception is when it’s required to play as a certain character for progression.

Permadeath is an option in the main game, so you do not have to play with Permadeath on. Either way, you can choose to use one character throughout the game – as long as they are not arrested or hospitalized (or killed), you can stick with the same character throughout – except for a couple of instances where you might need someone specific.

Details on what happens when all your characters are killed or hospitalized.

If you are playing in Permadeath Mode (which is optional) and all of your characters are Dead, or simultaneously Arrested or Hospitalized, and you have none left, the game is over and you will need to restart from the beginning. Permadeath can be turned off (but not back on) in the options menu at any time. Whether you are in Permadeath or not, operatives can be arrested or hospitalized, which takes them out of action for a while, but you can recruit people to reduce that time (such as Doctors or Police Officers who can get your operatives back faster).

Some details on the uniqueness of characters found in the world.

There are many characters in the world who have very rare or unusual abilities or combinations of abilities, and there are at least a few abilities that are unique to certain types of individuals. For example, only Tidis Beekeepers can summon and control swarms of robotic bee drones and use them as a weapon. My favorite characters tend to be those with more common abilities that come together in unusual combinations: for example, some of the champion fighters in the underground Bare Knuckle League have common melee abilities, but they have several of them stacked in interesting ways that make for awesome melee characters.

When asked about some potential secret Easter egg, Hocking replied stating that there definitely is one and that he at first thought it was some sort of bug.

SECRET – I reported a bug a couple weeks ago about a [redacted] that I was unable to get. Turns out it was not a bug. This caused me to be let into the secret club of people on the team who know about the [secret easter egg] and I was shown the test validation for how for how it can be acquired /SECRET

For more on Watch Dogs Legion, don’t forget to check out the latest gameplay overview to see how the game’s shaping up.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out this October 29 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll also be coming to next-gen platforms.

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