Developer Confirms State of Decay 2 Won’t Have Microtransactions, Only Paid DLC

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A game’s subreddit can be a useful place for developers to hang out and see what the community really thinks of their work. Brutal honesty can result in hard, yet valuable, lessons in what to do and what to avoid. It might not be pretty, but it’s often worth listening, and (if you’re permitted) responding, to.

Over on the State of Decay 2 subreddit, one user had complained that Microsoft “is seeing how many microtransactions they can fit into the game without the community rioting.”

Undead Lab’s “Undead_Nicole” responded with: “I’ve stated multiple times that we aren’t going to have MTX, but we will have paid DLC.”

The developer was able to nip the argument in the bud, and received several positive responses, as well as those all-important upvotes.

So State of Decay 2 won’t be featuring microtransactions, and will just offer good ol’ paid DLCs.

Source: Reddit

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