Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Expansion Will Introduce New Social Features

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“Clans” and “Communities” are coming to Diablo 3 with the impending launch of Reaper of Souls, the game’s first expansion.

Both features will provide the Diablo 3 community with tools to better find and communicate with each other. Both are currently available in Patch 2.0.1 PTR and the Reaper of Souls Closed Beta, but are still in development.

According to Blizzard’s latest blog entry, Clans are “designed to provide players who share similar interests, gameplay schedules, or goals the ability to band together and form tight-knit groups. They’re a great way to communicate with numerous friends at once, organize your play, and generally just keep in touch with those you game with the most.”

Clans are limited to 120 players and are invite only, though requests can be sent to Clan leaders. Players can also only be a member of one Clan at a time.

Communities, on the other hand, “designed to be a place where players can come together for any number of reasons, including playing the same class, frequenting the same fan sites, or living in the same geographical area. They’re all about fostering relationships between like-minded people, with a keen focus on socialization.”

Communities are meant to facilitate a larger and more casual social experience that can be either private or public. It’s also possible to be a member of multiple Communities at once.

To get all the specific details on Clans and Communities and to learn how they work, be sure to head on over to the official Diablo 3 blog.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls launches on PC and Mac this March 25.