Diablo 4 Quarterly Update Shows Us New Videos & New Art

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update

Blizzard Entertainment is keeping the Diablo 4 hype alive, as it delivered on another Diablo 4 Quarterly Update today. This keeps fans informed on how the development of the game is coming along so far.

For this quarter, Blizzard artists talk about the design process of the characters and enemies in the game, as well as showcase a slew of new screenshots and short video clips! Check ’em out below, and remember: these are not final, and does not represent the final state of the game.

Aside from the videos, there’s a bunch of screenshots showcasing the different body types, armors, and how the game is moving from pre-rendered graphics for cutscenes, to now using in-engine assets.

Our beautiful and iconic hell fiend, Lilith! This is a capture from one of the in-game cinematics rendered in the Diablo IV game engine. This level of detail is now standard for how we present the major NPCs, classes, and monsters in Diablo IV.
We call this our Lair scene. Players will customize the look of their character here in our exciting new Wardrobe system that allows you to mix and match hundreds of armor components unique to your class, alongside custom color palettes to create the class fantasy that best represents your character.

Here’s a .gif showcasing the dye system the game uses for armor pieces.

Every armor set in Diablo 4 has two body types, and here’s a sample of it for the Barbarian class and the Rogue class:

There’s a lot more about the development process, which you can read about here.

Diablo 4 has no firm release date yet, though Activision has said that development is going “very well.” You can watch seven minutes of gameplay right here as well.

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