Dirt 5 Launch Trailer and Official Soundtrack Album Races Out

Dirt 5 Update 1.04 November 16

Codemasters has released the Dirt 5 launch trailer and it features gameplay! Out this November 6, check out the trailer touring us around the world where players will race in. It also features the Playground where players can create, share and discover arenas across different modes too.

DIRT 5 delivers breath-taking wheel-to-wheel pack racing on multiple surfaces including rugged terrain, harsh desert sands, snow, ice, tarmac and more. Weather conditions change in a heartbeat, cars flip and crash as the action heats up, and players must keep their wits about them to stay in the race. With a variety of game modes including Career, Arcade, Time Trial and Multiplayer games, DIRT 5 is an adrenaline rush from start to finish. DIRT 5 also introduces split-screen which can be played offline in co-op and competitive modes for up to four players.

In addition to the Dirt 5 launch trailer, the developers have also revealed the official soundtrack! You can check out the album here, while the full artist and song list can be seen below.

  • High Contras– Griffin (exclusive)
  • Noisy–Tourist (exclusive)
  • Prospa–Feel It 92 (exclusive)
  • Koko–Silly With It (exclusive)
  • Broken Witt Rebels–Take It (exclusive)
  • Sea Girls–Accident Waiting To Happen (exclusive)
  • Saronde–Veru (exclusive)
  • The Chemical Brothers–Bango
  • EOB–Shangri-La–Spike Stent Edit
  • The Killers–Caution
  • Hero The Band–Shout
  • THE HARA–Friends
  • Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown–Drive Me Mad
  • Inhaler–We Have To Move On
  • The Academic–SUPERLIKE
  • Twin Atlantic–Volcano
  • Tesla–Tied To The Tracks
  • Arkells–Years In The Making

Dirt 5 races out this November 6 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will be available on next-gen platforms when both consoles are released.

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