Discord Down and Having Message Issues This March 8 (Update)

Discord Down

Those who use Discord as their primary tool for communicating in games, you might be wondering why it’s taking ages for your buddies to reply to your messages. Well, it’s not them (or you), but rather, Discord down reports are surfacing this March 8!

Discord Down and Messages Issues This March 8:

Update: According to Discord, things should be going back to normal now…

Update – Oncall Engineering has brought the media infrastructure back online, media embeds should be functional again. Message acknowledgement has also been re-enabled. We are continuing to work to restore full functionality. Typing events are still disabled at this time and we are investigating reports from bot developers regarding unexpected 403 errors.
Mar 812:19 PST
Identified – Remediations are working and traffic is coming back online. While we work to restore full service some functionality will remain intentionally disabled until the service stabilizes, typing events and message acknowledgement. Other functionality remains to be restored, media embeds may not work correctly at this time.
Mar 811:49 PST
Update – We are working with our providers to correct the root cause. We believe the cause is upstream of our service and our providers are working on determining and correcting the issue upstream. In the interim we are implementing a set of remediations to work around the issue. As the service comes back up some functionality will be intentionally disabled, namely, typing events and message acknowledge.
Mar 811:43 PST

Here’s the acknowledgement and announcement from Discord regarding the issues today:

Update – We are continuing to investigate the issue impacting the API to find root cause.
Mar 810:29 PST
Investigating – While monitoring this issue a new issue has occurred causing an major outage of the API. Oncall Engineering is working to correct this situation.
Mar 810:12 PST
Update – As part of recovery, the root cause was also detected in our streaming service. A controlled restart was performed of this service which would have caused a temporary disruption of streaming, this should be operating correctly at this time.
Mar 810:08 PST
Monitoring – Remediations appear to have restored service to normal operation, Oncall Engineering will monitor for full recovery
Mar 809:54 PST
Identified – The root cause has been determined, remediations have been executed to restore service.
Mar 809:53 PST
Investigating – We are currently investigating an increase in API Errors and Push Notification Errors.
Mar 809:16 PST

We’ll be updating the article as more news surfaces. In the meantime, go use another messaging app to bug your buddies, alright?!

Source: Discord Status

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1 year ago

yeah my meassages are faling to load

Reply to  J
1 year ago

Same, my discord won’t load and says ‘Connecting’ constantly.

Reply to  Silenxe
1 year ago

same! but instead it loads in the servers nothing else

1 year ago

I thought I got banned due to the fact that is what they did, Locked you out of the system, Hope this is resoloved Shortly! I guess just use IG and Stuff until this is fixed! This probably caught ya’ll off guard. Sure did to me!

1 year ago

This is so stupid like I can’t communicate with my friends.

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