The Division 2 Dark Zone Multiplayer Trailer Released, “Conflict” Mode Detailed

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Ubisoft seems to be now ratching up The Division 2 info as we’re nearer the private beta! For today, The Division 2 Dark Zone gets a new trailer, as well as new info.

The big news from the video, is the confirmation that there will be three Dark Zones areas in The Division 2, as well as the the new “Conflict” mode, which is a more organized take on the Dark Zone, and will feature the Domination and Skirmish match types.

In the trailer, we also get confirmation that there will be a total of 12 players that can share the same zone. Same as in first Division, there will be items that need to be extracted in Dark Zone, and once again, players can now go Rogue!

Are you digging The Division 2’s Dark Zone changes and additions? Check out yesterday’s The Division 2 story trailer right here.