The Division – Ubisoft Massive to Reveal Something at GDC?

Is Ubisoft Massive gearing up for a special announcement related to their upcoming MMO Shooter, The Division? According to recent hints left by the studio, they might have something in store for anxious fans in the coming days.

On Twitter, Massive tweeted this image and line of text along with the coordinates, 37.783985° -122.401312°.

Following the coordinates will lead you to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, which is currently hosting this year’s Game Developers Conference. The even it ongoing until the 21st of March, giving the team at Massive roughly three more days to reveal something or make some sort of announcement if that is, in fact, their plan.

If you haven’t made the connection yet, “Snowdrop” more than likely refers to the studio’s powerful new game engine that will be powering The Division when it launches on next-gen platforms and PC later this year. (Or perhaps next?)

Either way, our eyes and ears will be open for any upcoming announcements, so keep your sights on MP1st.

What do you think Massive has in store?

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