Don’t Starve Together Update 2.41 Released This March 31 for Bug Fixes

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.41

Developer Klei Entertainment has released the Don’t Starve Together update 2.41 patch today, and this one is for a bunch of changes and fixes to the game! Check out the full Don’t Starve Together March 31 patch notes below.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.41 Patch Notes | Don’t Starve Together March 31 Update Patch Notes:

Update Information:

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.41 – 03/31/2022 (PlayStation 4)

  • Players can now customize the loading screen tips in the Advanced settings.
  • Players can now choose to preview all locked recipes or only the next available research tier. This can be configured with Crafting Preview in the Advanced settings.
  • Kitcoons will now follow you forever while the Year of the Catcoon event is disabled.
  • Zooming in the map should be less sensitive when trying to only zoom one level.
  • Adjusted the Ancient Guardian to prevent it from getting into the void.
  • Deerclops does damage to players at the right percent now.
  • Wolfgang will no longer scale based on might while riding a Beefalo.
  • Restored the “Prototype” label on the crafting button when you do not have enough ingredients to craft the item. Support was added for this when using a controller.
  • Restored pressing Circle to close the crafting menu and inventory management mode.
  • Zooming in the map should be less sensitive when trying to only zoom one level.
  • When navigating from a container’s slot to a pinned recipe, it will now navigate to the closest pinned recipe instead of navigating to the bottom pinned recipe.
  • Changed the background art for the equipment slots.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to change the “Save Type” in the world settings. This option should not have been present.
  • Fixed some loading tips that were missing the correct button icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crabby Hermit would trade bottles for Sentimental Adornments in a world that has not experienced Winter’s Feast.
  • Fixed recipes that can be prototyped to not show the lock icon when you do not have enough ingredients.
  • Fixed the recipe for Horticulture, Abridged
  • Fixed the mast lightning rod upgrade losing its skin during save/load cycles.
  • Fixed Woodie briefly turning invisible after transforming.
  • Fixed Woodie being unable to hold attack after charging in moose form.
  • Fixed an issue where pre-crafted survivor specific items would show up in the crafting menu changing survivors.
  • Fixed Lazy Explorer fx when using the Clean Sweeper.
  • Fixed minor animation bugs with survivor feet.
  • Fixed various skins texture bugs.

That’s it for the patch. Stay tuned for more updates here on MP1st!

Source: Klei

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