Don’t Starve Together Update 2.49 Slinks Out for The Curse of Moon Quay (June 30)

Don't Starve Together Update 2.49

Klei has released the latest major title update for Don’t Starve Together today! The Don’t Starve Together update 2.49 patch ushers in The Curse of the Moon Quay, which includes new content, gameplay adjustments and more! Read on for the Don’t Starve Together June 30 patch notes.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.49 Patch Notes | Don’t Starve Together June 30 Patch Notes:

The Curse of Moon Quay

Someone has been meddling… or should we say, monkeying around with the forces of the Constant, leaving an unstable rift between worlds in their wake. With new sea-faring foes, creatures and resources now free to pour into the Survivors’ world, the ocean is more dangerous than ever before… but is this just the start of what’s to come?

Additions and Changes:

  • Added “The Curse of Moon Quay” content:
    • New Moon Quay Island and inhabitants.
    • Ocean Privateers.
    • New upgrades for boating:
      • Grass Boat
      •  Kelp Bumper
      • Shell Bumper
      • Cannon and Cannonballs
      • Rudder
      • Polly Roger’s Hat
    • Docks.
  • New “HUD” settings section in the options menu.
  • Map controls will now be more intuitive.
    • Zooming will now focus on the cursor.
      • An option in the HUD settings can be used to disable this feature.
    • Zooming in and out will now be smooth.
      • An option in the HUD settings controls how fast zooming is.
    • Rotating the map will be around the current location and not the player.
    • Panning the map will be smoother.
    • Panning the map will try to keep a portion of the map visible on the center of the screen.
  • Favorite food bonus now takes into account Warly’s spices.
  • Cactus and Oasis Cactus have been added to world regrowth.
  • Reeds and Cactus now have settings for world regrowth.
  • Big Woby will now eat the food given to her instead of staring at it.
  • Fixed Malbatross death animations and ocean based attacks when the Malbatross is over a boat.
  • Fixed Merm King bonus to loyalty time not being applied.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the Clean Sweeper.
  • Fixed bird cages having invisible birds in various situations.
  • Fixed profile flair and profile backgrounds turning themselves off when navigating between the two menus.
  • Fixed Winona taking food penalties when trading items.
  • Fixed Birchnut trees dropping Birchnuts on the wrong side.
  • Fixed friendly shadow tentacles not spawning on boats.
  • Fixed highlights not showing on clients for the Houndious Shootius, Deck Illuminator and Lightning Conductor.
  • Fixed Walter’s Camper’s Tent having the same descriptions as the Tent Roll.

New Twitch Drops

The Abandoned Ship Boat is the final skin to be added to the Nautical Collection. For a list of participating streamers, please see the spoiler below.


  Reveal hidden contents

New Skins!


The Swashbuckler Survivors Chest can now be purchased for $11.99usd.


The Inventor’s Excursion Chest is available for $5.99usd.

As always, these items are also available free as drops in-game and are weaveable using spool.

Login Bonus Items!

For a limited time get the Moon Quay chest with four new swashbucklin’ hat skins just for logging into the game.

Klei Rewards!


And if that wasn’t enough, you can use those Klei Reward points you have been saving up for some cool new stuff on the Klei Rewards page.

With this update, we’re adding all the previous skins from the Nautical Collection to the Klei Rewards page as well! 

The studio also touches on what’s next, and mentions that we are not far away from the next character refresh! That’s another thing to look forward to, so stay tuned!

Source: Klei

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