Don’t Starve Together Update 2.51 Addresses Bugs, Released This July 12

Don't Starve Together Update 2.51

Klei Entertainment has released Don’t Starve Together update 2.51, which addresses some bugs connected to different gameplay scenarios. Read up on the official Don’t Starve Together July 12 patch notes below.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.51 Patch Notes | Don’t Starve Together July 12 Patch Notes:

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.51 – 07/12/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Emergency Exit skin merged into the Scrap Metal Boat skin.
    • Players that own the Emergency Exit skin will have it removed from their inventory, and replaced with 1,350 Spools.
  • Accursed Trinkets are spawn protected.
  • Fixed Double Fence Gates sometimes not opening correctly on rotated boats.
  • Adjusted map zooming:
    • Sensitivity settings have been condensed down to 30 as a maximum.
    • Sensitivity default has been shifted down to 15.
    • Zooming is now framerate independent.
  • Players that die with curses now drop them and are not cursed anymore.
  • Igniting things will now play animations when doing so.
  • Fixed placing boat bumpers while standing near the edge of the boat.
  • Fixed items being kept in the inventory of a player who died in Wilderness mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing Knobbly Trees to sometimes look glitched.
  • Fixed a bug with loot in the pirate stash rotting and causing a crash.
  • Fixed a crash with the Beefalo Bell and players disconnecting.
  • Fixed Wortox’s The Swashbuckler skin having different face cheek colours.
  • Fixed Willow’s The Triumphant skin carrying an axe when holding other objects.
  • Fixed save/load and door open/close issues with Wood Gates placed on Boats.
  • Fixed Cannonball shadows momentarily appearing at (0,0,0) when shot.

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