DOOM Eternal Update 1.009 Unleashed Update 6.66 Rev 2 This April 26

DOOM Eternal Update 1.009

The DOOM Eternal update 1.009 patch is now live on both last-gen and next-gen platforms, and this is for Update 6.66 Revision 2 as per id Software! This brings new accessibility features, a new contrast setting and gameplay-related bug fixes! Read on for the DOOM Eternal 6.66 Rev2 2 patch notes.

DOOM Eternal Update 1.009 Patch Notes | DOOM Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2 Patch Notes:

New Accessibility Features

We’re excited to add new accessibility features to DOOM Eternal so that the gameplay experience can be enjoyed by even more players:

Accessibility Settings Notification Pop-Up Menu

After installing Update 6.66 Rev 2, you will be presented with an Accessibility Settings Notification Pop-Up Menu. Read through the available options to make sure they are set to your preference. Once in game, Accessibility settings can be accessed from the Accessibility, Audio and Video Settings menus

DE Accessibility Options-1 real 960x540 Note – Text-to-Speech menu narration is not supported

Text-to-Speech (Chat)

This option converts text entered in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 chat window into a synthesized voice, based on the user-selected speech profile

  • There are multiple speech profiles to choose from. You can cycle through the speech profile selections to audition them before selecting one
  • The outgoing text message will appear yellow in the chat window when it has been converted to speech
  • Text-to-Speech conversions are sent in the same language they are created with
  • Converted text chat messages are audible to all players in BATTLEMODE 2.0 lobbies and only audible to Demon teammates during matches

Speech-to-Text (Chat)

This option enables onscreen transcription from incoming voice chat in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 chat window

  • Incoming Speech-to-Text messages appear yellow in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 lobby chat window and are only visible to Demon teammates during matches
  • Unless Chat Translation is enabled, Speech-to-Text chat messages are delivered in the original language

DE Accessibility Options-2 960x540

Incoming Text to Speech

Enables a simulated voice to read aloud text chat messages incoming from the other players

Outgoing Text to Speech

Enables a simulated voice to read aloud the player’s outgoing text chat to the other players

Chat Translation

When enabled, incoming text chat messages are translated into the same language the receiving player’s system is set to. This functionality applies to standard and Speech-to-Text incoming text chat messages

Contrast Filter

This option reduces the speed at which screen brightness can change within the game. It can be fine-tuned with the following sliders when enabled:

  • Per-pixel Brightness Velocity: Limits how rapidly the brightness of each pixel can change, such as during explosions or intense combat sequences
  • Fullscreen Brightness Velocity: Limits how quickly the average brightness can change for the whole screen when it changes rapidly

DE Accessibility Options-4 960x540

UI Text Contrast Updates

Some Menu UI elements have been altered to improve readability

Additional Quality of Life Improvements for All Platforms

General Gameplay

The Combat Shotgun Full Auto mod wind down animation can now be interrupted by melee input


DE Marauder PopUp 2 960x540

  • A tutorial pop-up with combat tips will now appear if you die while fighting a Marauder (this only happens once per save game)
  • Cacodemon movement speed has been reduced on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty difficulty

Horde Mode

DE HordeMode UI 960x540

  • Added a notification effect when attaining a new Medal on the Horde Score HUD element (see above)
  • Added option to hide the HUD in Horde Mode (see ON/OFF below)

DE HordeMode UI 2 960x540

  • Shortened duration of end-of-round sequence


Balance Changes for All Platforms

BATTLEMODE Characters Slayer.245x278


  • Armor gained has been reduced when flame belching a player demon from 30 to 10

BATTLEMODE Characters Revenant.245x278


  • Reduced the cooldown between Dashes from 250ms to 50ms
  • Refuel of Jet Pack now occurs after using Rocket Barrage

BATTLEMODE Characters Archvile.245x278


  • Increased Lake of Fire radius by 30%
  • Increased Lake of Fire damage from 6 damage per tick to 10 damage per tick
  • Reduced Lake of Fire duration from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Slightly increased the Lake of Fire’s vertical size
  • Increased damage of Fireball with Fire Specialist upgrade from 27 to 32

Chat Widget

We updated the Online Chat Window to now be accessible from the HUD when in a BATTLEMODE 2.0 match. It was previously required to pause the game to access the Chat Window within a match

Balance Changes for Consoles Only

BATTLEMODE Characters Slayer.245x278


  • Slayer Loss Forgiveness amount has been increased from 3 to 4

Bug Fixes for All Platforms

General Gameplay

  • Fixed a bug in which completing the Argentas Paladi milestone would not unlock the Sentinel Podium. Thanks to everybody for their incredible patience with this one!
  • Resolved the issue where the Ember Slayer’s flame effects were not displaying correctly in cinematics


DOOM Eternal

  • Resolved an issue in which jumping vertically from a coffin wall at the same time it drops would result in residual phantom collision and fail to reset the coffin wall
  • Fixed a bug where a DOOM Hunter could erroneously damage the Slayer while faltered within melee range

The Ancient Gods – Part One

  • Resolved issue in which the “Destroy the Father’s Life Sphere” mission objective and the Blood Swamps Codex entry would disappear after (Blood Swamps) mission reset

The Ancient Gods – Part Two

  • Resolved an issue where increasing to Nightmare from a lower difficulty and then completing it incorrectly showed Nightmare as the Highest Difficulty Played in the Mission Select menu


  • Fixed an issue where the Codex entry would not unlock after completing the tutorial for the playable Dread Knight Demon

Horde Mode

  • Resolved bug where the “DOOMguy in a Box” icon would not unlock upon completing the “Reinvent the Weapon Wheel” milestone
  • Fixed bug in which the Horde Round progression map appeared white if playing with the Demon UI color profile selected
  • Fixed an issue in which “10,000 Points” would sometimes display instead of “Difficulty Bonus” on the Total Score tab after completing all of Horde Mode

Master Levels

DOOM Eternal

  • Fixed a bug that accidentally removed the Soul Sphere and the Crucible from the Mars Core Master Level in Classic Mode
  • Resolved issue where the Full Auto Combat Shotgun mod was not usable if you interrupt its pickup animation with the Plasma Rifle equipped in the Mars Core Master Level

The Ancient Gods – Part Two

  • Fixed a bug in which backing out of the upper cottage in the village entrance in World Spear Master Level after killing the Marauder would cause non-functional demonic gates to linger and prevent enemies on the way to the cathedral from spawning

Bug Fix for PC Only

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when cycling weapons in the final room of the Marauder (playable Demon) tutorial

Bug Fix for PlayStation 5 Only

Horde Mode

  • Fixed a bug in which the Arcade Slayer customization skin would not appear on the intro and victory podiums in Horde Mode

Known Issues for All Platforms


  • Speech-to-Text transcription is not supported during load screens
  • Colorblind settings only apply to the User Interface – they do not carry over into in-world game elements

Known Issues for PC Only


  • Default key mapping to access the Chat Window is not consistent in all menus

General Gameplay

  • Alt-Tabbing during load screens and menu transitions may cause the game to freeze. To avoid this issue, do not Alt-Tab during load screens and menu transitions

Known Issue for PlayStation 5 Only


  • Speech profiles are only audible through the DualSense controller speaker

Additional Notes for PC Only

  • Users with above spec Intel GPUs can play DOOM Eternal with driver version Please contact Intel customer support to report and graphical anomalies

Source: Bethesda Slayers Club

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