DOOM Eternal Update 1.21 Fires Out This September 14 (Update)

DOOM Eternal Update 1.21

Developer id Software has released the DOOM Eternal update 1.21 (version 1.005 on PS5) patch this September 14! This is an unannounced title update, so don’t expect anything major when it comes to new content.

DOOM Eternal Update 1.21 Patch Notes | DOOM Eternal Update 1.005 Patch Notes:

Update: id Software has released the official patch notes.


Mancubus.LeManc960x540HARK! Behold Le Manc, the evil bearded sea captain Mancubus Master Collection! But this fearsome foe is only a taste of the sunken treasure due to be bubbling back up to the surface! Stay tuned to the Slayers Club for more spooky details on this upcoming Event!

Other Changes All Platforms


  • Main Menu music is now the same as it was when DOOM Eternal launched in March 2020

Bug Fixes All Platforms


  • Fixed an issue introduced with Update 6.2 in which the playable Marauder’s axe flame effects were white instead of reddish-orange

Known Issues All Platforms


  • Issue: Automap ambient sound effects may persist in game or menus after closing the Dossier
  • Resolution: This issue usually resolves on its own after a brief duration but may return upon entering and exiting the Automap in the Dossier again. This issue will be fixed in a future update

The developers have not released the official changelog just yet, but we expect that to change within the day. That said, the “Hack to the Future II” mini event is still active until September 16, and we’ve included details on that below.

The future is the present – again – in DOOM Eternal’s latest Last Chance mini-event. One last time, players can earn rewards from our past HACK TO THE FUTURE II event, simply by earning XP. Strap in for LAST CHANCE: HACK TO THE FUTURE II.

From September 9 to September 16, play DOOM Eternal and net XP to unlock cosmetics such as the Demoncide Slayer skin, Circuit Board Chaingun skin and the old-school Retro Revenant Master Collection. As with similar events in the past, XP thresholds are adjusted to ensure that all of HACK TO THE FUTURE II’s cosmetics are earnable within the span of the mini-event!

Once id Software has released the official patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post, so stay tuned.

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