DOOM Eternal Update 1.23 Patch Notes; Out for Update 6.66 Rev 1 This November 18

DOOM Eternal Update 1.008

Developer id Software has released the DOOM Eternal update 1.23 patch notes, and this is for the update 6.66 Revision 1 data file released on all platforms today! This includes a host of gamplay-related and technical fixes, which are listed below.

DOOM Eternal Update 1.23 Patch Notes | DOOM Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 1 Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes All Platforms


  • Fixed a community-reported bug where the Meathook mod would not always pull the player immediately upon target attachment
  • Resolved a bug where the live tiles would disappear from the Main Menu after returning from Campaign or Horde Mode
  • Fixed the issue where the Campaign Mission and Horde Mode challenge progress trackers pinned to the HUD would partially reset once completed
  • Fixed the issue where progress for the “Headstrong” and “Aggressive Transfusion” Agnostic Milestones was not being tracked correctly
  • Fixed the bug where control inputs may not work correctly when using third person free camera in Photo Mode
  • Fixed the issue where the Main Menu music selection Options text was truncated on some languages
  • Resolved the bug in which the cooldown timer would not appear if you failed to kill the tagged demon with the Take Back Rune equipped


  • Fixed an issue in which lightning hazards from the Mars Core Master Level would carry over into the Mars Core campaign level
  • Reverted “sticky walls” change so speedrunners no longer bounce off of sloped surfaces and can once again yeet themselves into oblivion to taste


  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen after skipping the cinematic for obtaining the Seraphim Key in UAC Atlantica


  • Fixed an issue in which the Take Back and Break Blast Support Runes could be equipped simultaneously


  • Fixed an issue in which the Ballista weapon mods were not available in Classic Mode on The World Spear Master Level (requires ownership of The Ancient Gods – Part Two)
  • Resolved the bug where the Full Auto Combat Shotgun mod was not usable if its pickup animation in the Mars Core Master Level was interrupted with the Plasma Rifle equipped


  • Fixed an issue in which the Dread Knight’s Berserk attack does increased damage when the other demon player is dead
  • Fixed a bug when the host leaves a match in progress after promoting another player and the remaining players are placed in a broken lobby
  • Disabled the ability to see other players’ Boosters to help prevent Lobby dodging
  • Resolved the issue where the “Go Now” button did not take the player to the appropriate hyperlink on the “BATTLEMODE 2.0 Updates” pop-up UI
  • Fixed issue where BATTLEMODE 2.0 Challenge rewards images exhibited a blocky frame
  • Corrected the Slayer Tier 9 Series challenge text so it reads “Win 40 BATTLEMODE matches as the Slayer” (it used to read “as a Demon”)
  • Fixed a bug in which players would occasionally time out on the Stronghold map loading screen in BATTLEMODE 2.0


  • Fixed issue where DOOM XP and Series XP were not accruing correctly in Horde Mode. Now each completed Horde Round rewards DOOM Level XP and Series Event XP. These increases are not called out in the Horde end of Round Score Summary screens but are visible on your DOOM Level in the Main Menu and the Event Series progression screens, respectively
  • Fixed an issue in which disabling the Demonic Corruption Meter in the UI settings would also disable multiple HUD elements in Horde Mode
  • Fixed the issue where Weapon Wheel customization would not carry over from Campaign to Horde Mode
  • Resolved an issue where Horde Mode reward sets would incorrectly appear in the Event character reward sets screen with XP gains from Boosters
  • Fixed the bug where the “Previous Best” score displayed as 0 on death and at the Victory Summary screen after finishing all Horde Rounds on Cultist Base and Reclaimed Earth
  • Fixed the bug in which the Difficulty Bonus score was incorrectly attributed to Combat Score on the Horde Mode Summary screen after dying
  • Fixed an issue in which the player may become stuck if performing a wall grab immediately after the countdown timer expires in a Traversal Round
  • Resolved the bug in which the timer would disappear while playing Unclaimed Earth or The Holt Traversal Rounds on some languages
  • Fixed a bug in which possessed Barons may not spawn without Spirit buff VFX in the final wave of the final Arena Round in The Holt
  • Fixed a Polish language bug in which Blitz round objective text would overlap with the Bonus Coin Round unlock message
  • Resolved the issue where certain demon combat tutorial UI pop-ups would reappear multiple times in Horde Mode
  • Addressed a bug when immediately tabbing on the Victory Summary screen would not reward the BFG ammo
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not progress to the next arena if they spam the dash button when acquiring the new weapon at the end of an Arena Round
  • We set a new Horde Mode final score softcap of 500,000 pts. and purged the global Leaderboards of any scores above it, as we’ve deemed those to be non-human. As always, in the spirit of the mode and the sanctity of classic IRL local arcades, we encourage you to challenge other Slayers on your friends list, and most importantly, your own personal best
  • We encourage any Slayer looking to prove their Horde Mode global dominance to check out the brand new, community-run, peer-reviewed, Unofficial Horde Mode Leaderboard

Bug Fixes PC Only

  • Fixed a crash when selecting the BATTLEMODE 2.0 Leaderboard shortly after a Series change

Bug Fixes PlayStation 4 Only

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when PlayStation 4 players select the Title button from the Profile screen in the Customization menu

Bug Fixes PlayStation 5 Only

  • Added user-friendly error messages for when players without a PlayStation+ subscription or with a network connection issue attempt to access online features, such as BATTLEMODE 2.0 on PlayStation 5

Bug Fixes Stadia Only


  • Resolved the bug where some Runes could not be selected or equipped in State Share game data
  • Fixed the issue in which the Demon Wave HUD element would display accurately during some Arena Rounds

Known Issues All Platforms


  • Issue: Some users have reported that the profile icon for the Ow! Milestone no longer appears in their customization inventory if the milestone was completed prior to Update 6.66
  • Resolution: Thank you for your patience as we look into this
  • Issue: Some users have reported that attempting to immediately skip certain interactive sequences or cutscenes in the Campaign or Master Levels will cause the game to get in a bad state
  • Resolution: If encountered, this issue is usually resolved by a checkpoint reload. Because there is no checkpoint reload on Ultra Nightmare, we recommend waiting a few seconds before attempting to skip any interactive sequence or cutscene on that difficulty


  • Issue: Milestone progress is not visible from the Pause Menu while playing Master Levels
  • Resolution: This is the intended design. We incorrectly stated earlier that this would be addressed in a later update. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused


  • Issue: The “Doomguy in a Box” icon is not granted upon completion of the “Reinvent the Weapon Wheel” Horde Mode Challenge
  • Resolution: We are investigating a fix for a future update

Known Issues PC Only


  • Issue: Some users with Ray Tracing-compatible NVIDIA GPUs have reported stability and performance issues while playing with Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled on the 496.13 and 496.49 drivers. id and NVIDIA are aware and are actively investigating these reports but having trouble reproducing it. If you think you experienced this issue, please send us your crash dumps following these instructions
  • Resolution: Users have reported reverted to the 472.12 driver release resolves the issue. You can download them here


  • Issue: Some community members are reporting a crash using the Chaingun in Exultia
  • Resolution: We have not been able to reproduce this issue in our testing efforts. If you encounter, please submit your crash dump using these instructions
Source: Slayers Club

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