DOTA 2 Update Improves Punishment For Quitters And More

As of this writing, a new update is now available for Valve’s popular multiplayer online battle arena game, DOTA 2.

One of the primary improvements players can look forward to after downloading the update is a more severe punishment for those who quit matches early or before first blood is drawn.

Check out the full patch notes below:

DOTA 2 February 5 Patch Notes

User Interface

  • Alt clicking on a store item will announce to your allies that you will purchase that item
  • Fixed item alerts not working properly
  • The game no longer freezes while a replay is being decompressed after the download is completed.
  • Fixed Legacy Keys not being set correctly when reconnecting
  • Legacy Keys now work correctly when querying (and allow you to use to proper legacy keys if taking over a bot)


  • Fixed Terrorblade illusions taking too much damage
  • Fixed Phoenix Sunray healing half of the amount it should
  • Fixed AoE gold not being given to hidden heroes (such as Phoenix using Supernova, Brewmaster using Primal Split)
  • Fixed Radiant having vision for a small area just outside the Dire fountain


  • Abandonment penalties will now be applied much more quickly after the abandonment occurs. (Previously the penalty was applied at the end of the match that was abandoned.)
  • Abandonment in a ranked match before first blood will now count as a loss for the abandoner and all party members. (MMR will decrease.) For all other players in the game, the match will not be scored. After first blood, the same rules apply as before: the match will be scored for all players. The abandoner will always receive a loss, but all other players will be scored a win/loss according to the actual match outcome.

The update also includes additional changes and adjustments to the audio, tooltip, and workshop portion of the game.

DOTA 2 is available for free on the Steam store for the Linux, PC and Mac platforms.

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