Double XP Weekend and Nuketown 24/7 Return

Josh Olin, aka JD_2020, announced a double XP weekend and Nuketown 24/7 in celebration of Labor day.

While 6000 CoD fans are attending Call of Duty XP this weekend, which we are covering, the other 24 million Black Ops players will enjoy Double XP from Friday 10 am PDT until Tuesday same time. Josh didn’t specify which consoles are getting this, but it is safe to assume that it will be on all consoles.

Just a tip for those of you who want to play Nuketown 24/7 and do well, I normally run Flak Jacket, Sleight of Hand Pro, Tactical Mask Pro with an AK47 or Famas (Attachment: Dual mags).

Update: Josh has just confirmed this double XP event is going to be on all platforms.

In Modern Warfare 3, you can unlock Double XP weekends, so you won’t have to wait for them.

Unfortunately, I’m at prestige 15 maxed out and will be covering CoD XP over the weekend, so I won’t be able to play much.

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7 thoughts on “Double XP Weekend and Nuketown 24/7 Return

  1. As much as I hate the Call of Duty games, I do respect and love how they these double XP weekends, I would love it if more games would do something like that. For example 6 months and 1 year anniversary, going platinum, etc.

    1. Even if you took a dig at CoD, I can’t blame you ’cause you’re a diggler. 😉 Seriously though, why do you hate CoD so much? I think the answer is going to be a comment of epic proportions, so you could save it and join MP1st as a writer. Then, you can publish an article about your CoD hate. If you’re interested, check the top menu for more details.

  2. its isn’t PDT its PST i looked on blacik ops. still i cant wait to play nuketown its a great idea that tryarch has made many ppl like the map and many ppl dislike that the map isn’t showed as much as all the othre maps so its a great way to bring the map a little bit back to random

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