Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Details Revealed: Modes. Number of Fighters and More

While we already know that Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ will be having an open beta early next year, we now know a ton more info about the upcoming playtest! Dragon Ball FighterZ beta info can be seen below like: how many fighters will be available, what modes and more.

In the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, participants will be able to try the “World Match” mode where two players fight to improve their ranking on the official FighterZ leaderboards. To date, Bandai Namco has not announced which characters will be available during the beta period, but there are 11 fighters in total that can be accessed during the trial period.

There will also be a “Replay Channel” available during the beta, where past battles can be viewed. However, in the beta, only footage recorded by Arc System Works can be viewed, and not the players, which most likely will change once the final version is out.

Once we know more details regarding the beta, we’ll be sure to report on them ASAP. For those interested, the full beta schedule can be seen below.

US Pacific Time (PT)

  • Early Access: January 13, 12 midnight
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 12 midnight
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 12 midnight

US Eastern Time (ET)

  • Early Access: January 13, 3 AM
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 3 AM
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 3AM

UK Time

  • Early Access: January 13, 8 AM
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 8 AM
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 8 AM

Australian (AEDT) Time

  • Early Access: January 13, 7 PM
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 7 PM
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 7 PM

Are you jumping in to kick some Saiyan butt early next month? What modes do you want to see available in the beta?

Source: SaiyanIsland

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