Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.28 Released for Fighter Balance Changes

Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.28

Arc System Works has released Dragon Ball FighterZ update 1.28, and this includes a host of fighter balance changes, gameplay-related tweaks and loads more! The developers gave us a sneak peek at this earlier during the devstream, and this DB FighterZ update is live now.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.28 Patch Notes | DB FighterZ Update 1.28 Patch Notes:

Z Change

 – Z Changes can now be performed from special moves. These Z changes have different properties from Normal Z Changes.

Guard Cancel Change 

– Can now be used in the air.

Guard Cancel Vanish 

– You can now spend 2 bars of Ki to perform a guard cancel vanish with right arrow + medium attack + heavy attack during blockstun.

Dragon Rush 

– You can now perform a dragon rush with a medium attack during Ki Charge

Ki Charge 

– Now deflects Ki Blasts from the beginning of the move You can now perform the move after guarding a Ki blast.

Sparkling Blast 

– The effect of sparkling blast will no longer run out when the opponent is damaged during limit breaking power.

Z Assist – Removed the chip damage caused by some Z assists

Z Assist (C type) – Lengthened cooldown time needed before next usage

Vanish – Now invincible from the beginning of the movie if the opponent is performing a vanish

Powered-Up Special Moves 

– KI Gauge increase scaling is now only dependent on time, not the opponent’s status

– Lengthened time during which ki gauge increase scaling applies

Jump properties 

– When in the air from anything other than a normal Jump, the character will now be treated as if they just did a high jump.

High jumps – In addition to the usual input, a high jump can now also be performed by jumping while holding the unique attack button

Super Attack Scaling – Reduced damage scaling for attacks performed after super attacks (Excluding ULtimate Z Changes)

Jumping Heavy Attack – The opponent is now knocked forward when there is a camera motion. — Fixed an issue in which some characters could earn a Dragon Ball under certain conditions without performing a super combo.

Crouching Heavy Attack (Some Characters) – Increased Attack Active Frames

– Lengthened time during which the movie is invincible to jumping attacks

Deflecting Ki Blasts – When moves other than Super Dash and Z reflect Deflect Ki Blasts, They now allow other moves to be performed like with super dash and Z reflect

If there are other changes not included in this patch that’s part of the update that we find out, we’ll update the post.

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